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[04 Apr 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

most amusing sign of the day:

Growcock Wholesale

ha, who knew?

this old life...Collapse )

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13 weeks later... [28 Mar 2006|11:34pm]
[ mood | Chirpy ]

Hi there.

IS IT A MIRAGE? Discover...Collapse )

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[19 Dec 2005|02:16pm]
afternoon folks,

Am back at work in Birmingham now after a nice few months on holiday in Durham. It was quite brilliant, i have to say.

Whilst you're all sitting there with nothing to do, read some of my one shot fics. I don't think I ever advertised that I wrote them, which seems unlike me.

Anyway, hope you're all well :)

-andy x
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[13 Dec 2005|01:27am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

after a silence lasting one month, eight days, ten hours and thirty-seven minutes (give or take), i've decided the followingCollapse )

*grin* i'll be home in two days. how are you guys?


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this could be a record, even for me [04 Nov 2005|02:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I have SO MANY things to talk about. It's just silly. Pick some.

Durham University and how FANTASTIC it is:

1) Grove House!

2) Neil, Roommate of the Century

3) Carolyn: posh, ginger, loose morals, girlfriend. Mwah <3


5) The 29th October Durham bar crawl

6) Romeo, Wallace and Gromit and other romantic tales.

7) Corridor cricket - my real degree

8) Robinson Crusoe, my arse - and other course details.

9) Things sporting. I even went for a RUN at one point.

10) Banter.

11) The Welsh kid.

12) Return visits to Birmingham

13) in sickness and in health

14) oh shit, i have to go to a lecture in a minute.

15) spending money like WATER

16) musical entertainments

17) Klute - the worst nightclub in Western Europe. Also Studio/Walkabout/Rixies

18) The Vernon Arms - quel place!

19) the combined trip to the coast

20) unrelated to university - the great day trip to Paris

21) Best of British and the rest of Fresher's Fortnight.

22) Grove House parties


oh, there's so much more, but time waits for no man, and I have a French lecture to attend.

miss you all terribly, though. have hardly been on the Net, and can't get MSN - so let me know how it's going! hope things are great.

-andy xx

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cannonball! [18 Sep 2005|02:55am]
[ mood | jovial ]

+ today felt like the first day of Autumn, for some reason. It's got much cooler here all of a sudden, and as I was walking home from Blockbuster earlier I just got, I dunno, the whiff of Autumn, or something. Just that biting freshness of the cold air, (or something charmingly poetic along the same lines) - and again later with the smell of smoke (someone was burning things), which reminds me so forcibly of November and bonfire night. It's nice, I think, although I'll miss the summer. Summer's great. You know, one of my least favourite days of the year is the day the clocks go back. Mnerh.

+ this week I have been mostly doing not a lot. i've played squash a bit, although it was all sort of packed in together (once on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday), and cooked a bit, and read some fanfiction, but i'm at a bit of a loose end. it'll be nice when university starts.

+ which is only two weeks away. things financial are looking more or less fine, now. things preparational less so, and things fashionable - well, you can probably guess. If not, ask Lou. On Monday I'm going to go and buy a laptop, which is exciting - thank you all for the helpful suggestions, by the ... oh wait. hold on. You're all USELESS.

+ *grin* whoever said i didn't have good people skills?

+ tonight was nice - all the family bar Helen went out for a meal at a local indian restaurant, which is v. good and v. filling. mm. also got to see and have a chat with Rich for the first time in a few weeks which was nice, and also met his wife and baby. gorgeous family :)

+ what else? well, i had a hard enough time detailing the nothingness of life when i was working - now that i'm doing literally nothing at all, it seems to have got even worse. then again, i did apply for a student account today, so... no, yes, that proves the point i was making. if i was even making a point, which is not even the point at all. exactly.

+ i opted (sensibly, i hope) for the free £50 bonus rather than a free MP3 player (don't listen to enough music) or 10 free CDs (don't listen to enough music). i have this feeling that money is going to become a delightful and extremely rare thing for me, in the same sort of way that sex has. i remember visiting Laura and her pals at Uni last year and watching their agonised uncertainty about spending a fiver, and thinking damn, can't wait 'til i'm in that boat.

+ had a longish phone conversation with Lou the other night, which is another of these delightful rareties. It was really nice speaking to her again, actually - and she was full of helpful suggestions about going to Uni, which is good ('tissues! lots of tissues!' one almost suspects they're blowing more than noses in Nottingham), and is as we know and all-round winner at life. <3, love.

+ hopefully will also see Emma in the week before she goes off to join her fellow narcs at Warwick University. :D. although, if we manage to spend a day together without at least one reference every five minutes to "LOVELY BOWLIN' WARNEY" or Gary Pratt's all-round magnificence, i shall shoot myself in surprise. uh, metaphorically speaking.

+ at the moment she is trying to teach me the fielders of cricket using the unbeatable Yahoo! Doodle, although her progress is hindered slightly by me insisting that the drawing of the oval is PERFECT and that the shades complement each other perfectly. It's all about the big picture.

+ more of you should have messenger and be around. Megan, you should. And Paige. if anything, to prove to people i know someone called Paige :p. at least i have reliable people like the Emmas, Aisy and Allie around to bother.

+ anyway. i'm going to go learn more about real good crik't then head to bed - i am currently reading Robinson Crusoe (ish) and a book by Jodi Piccoult, so there is promise of good things. mm, i love not having to get up in the morning. night all x

-andy xx

p.s. tell me, why DID the chicken cross the road?

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dedicated to hannah [12 Sep 2005|02:34am]
[ mood | calm ]

Check me out.Collapse )

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Uncut for your viewing displeasure [23 Aug 2005|12:32am]
[ mood | happy ]

it is of course a VICIOUS CYCLE of a turn of events that means I haven't posted in here for about six weeks - which is actually kind of a shame, because it's been a really - well, interesting would be too strong a word, but a lot of shit happens in six weeks, right? I've had a pretty good summer, on the whole - Helen adds that she rocks, by the by - and I know, honestly, that I'll never be able to remember some of the stuff that's happened. Which is sort of upsetting, but then again my own fault so I'll get over it.

Anyway. I don't know where to begin, really - i'm sure once I start i'll break the 10,000 word mark, but to be honest i've been trying to start this post for weeks now. You know I got about 1500 words into a post the day before my birthday that my computer deleted? Still haven't forgiven life for that, really. But I'm well. Now pick a topic:

1) why has my sister just left a box of celebrations right next to me? WHAT IS HER GAME EXACTLY?

2) LION is finished! Over! I'm a free man, mwah

3) Let the stalking of Andy, the five games of squash a week, the DVD watching, the sleeping in, the rising debt, let it all kick off!

4) I've used at least three exclamation marks in here already. What's my game, exactly?

5) So, I'm 19 now.

6) Why I apparently don't want a fuckbuddy

7) Friday night, and other southern comfort-related stories

8) The Ashes and why cricket is great. No really.

9) How can I of all people boil six weeks down into EIGHT POINTS? So point 9 can be: the loss of my ability to write.

10) Books of recent times

11) Films, including but not limited to: fucking amal, dogville, almost famous, charlie & the chocolate factory

12) About a dozen Celebrations down already. Hell.

13) that book... about the guy with the glasses, you know, and a glorified twig - harry potter! It HAS been a long time.

14) overpriced haircuts, underpriced sexuality

15) new people - well, of sorts. Problem is they're on MY list and I'm not on theirs so they don't know - biz, for example, who is fabulousness itself. Someone go poke her and show her this. <3

16) all the birthdays i've missed, not just my own. you're all more bearable at whatever age it is you've reached.

17) i'm not sure what i was going for in 14), it just sounded groovy

18) mood swings

19) music. MUSIC! Guitars and jazz and deliciousness.

20) the return of Preston, the departure of Tarik

21) Durham

22) Holidays to Barcelona, Germany, Wales ... maybe I should rearrange the order somewhat

23) Lost and why Jack is secretly evil.

24) the dusty and pointless inexistence that is ...?

25) i'm not sure i see eye to eye with 25)

26) OH MAN HOW DID I FORGET THIS UNTIL NOW. Today's KAHOODLE which began with a 451 driving past my window. CLICK 26 FOR ALL THE ANSWERS.

27) (i was going to finish 24 with "my lovelife" but decided the question mark adds an aura of cool and mystique)

28) You guys realise I could write about a thousand words for each point, right? Even when I try to be brief I manage to go on for hours. I apologise - I realise with your combined IQ of 900 it's tricky to keep up, so I'll wrap it up soon

29) ahahahahahahhaahhahaa life wins.

30) why you're all going to delete me from your flists and leave me to die friendless and alone - also, a great way of making toast.

31) why i should never be sent to shop - even if it is the best fun - and why shopping is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING without Helen.

32) road rage

33) "on being a professional chip person".

34) how much i ENJOY posting on LiveJournal and how much I miss y'all <3

so. you know. that's a pretty good summary, but if you want any extra details, just tap in the relevant number. You can expect your response in approximately six to eight weeks.

oh it's always nice to be back. just to remind people i'm still alive if nothing else. love to you all! x

-andy xx

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[31 Jul 2005|12:14am]
[ mood | awesome ]

my friends!

i am still alive, and well, and now legally able to drink in Canada.

In short, I had a completely awesome post on its way a couple of days ago that got deleted, so I'm feeling a little bit angry towards LJ but I'm really excellent, and well and stuff- just uncommunicative. and it's my birthday, as of thirteen minutes ago. hurrah!

love to you all. i will try to post something a bit more substantial later on today <3

-andy xx

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some things [03 Jul 2005|07:00pm]
[ mood | delightful ]

four plus five plus four minus twelve plus seventeen divided by the square root of one hundred and forty four times six equals...?Collapse )

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[29 Jun 2005|02:00am]
i'm still alive!

i'm in one of those strange moods, though. you guys ask me if there's anything you'd like to know about what i've been doing of late. if not, i can probably keep up my hibernation for the rest of the summer

hope you're all well!

-andy xx
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HERPES! [04 Jun 2005|02:10am]
and so it is, just like you said it would be
life goes easy on me - most of the time

Okay, so - the best moment of our trip so far came last Sunday, when Maria was trying to get into her high school to clear out her locker. We'd tried about three doors - all locked - and this fourth one was the last straw:

Maria: CUNTING CUNTFACE. Fucking cunt! Damn fuck cunt hell.
Nice, suburban woman walking her dog on the other side of the road: *eyebrows*
Maria: oh... heh... the school's locked...
NSW: I got that!
Me: ahhhhhahahahahahahahhahaha

the story so farCollapse )
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you did a who with a what now? [26 May 2005|09:01am]
[ mood | uncut, baby ]

In short:

a) have had an excellent couple of weeks - I mean, really awesome - with various meals, drinks, good fun at work. This was topped off with Liverpool's superb European Cup victory last night, and the fact that I just checked myself in for a flight to Boston at 4.30pm today. Hurrah!

b) So, yeah. Really this is just a quick note to say that I'm really good, and excited, and I hope you've all been missing my posts (heh)- and I hope you have a smashing couple of weeks while I'm away.

c) Also, I recently discovered that I have a funny-shaped head. But I think that's a story for another time.

see you later, everyone :)

-andy xx

p.s new york types! email me - andrei31uk@yahoo.co.uk - I'll be in your wholesome little town something like June 6-June 9. mwah!

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loose cannons [10 May 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | MARVELLOUS ]

I tell you what. I KNOW that you're not interested in what happens in my life. I know. So I suggest an easier way of trawling through this alphabet post. The low-fat alternative to reading the whole thing - just read the letters that you have in your name. This means that folks like Jai, Aisy, Lou and Emma have a virtually painless soujourn through the otherwise daunting labyrinth that is my LiveJournal. i mean, RJ hardly even has to try. In fact, Christ, do any of you have names with more than six letters?

heh. anyway, on with the show.

hey, Daria.Collapse )

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all i can say is this [02 May 2005|03:08pm]
two comments? no wonder I stopped posting

birthdays (cont.)Collapse )
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inspiration for all livejournal posts should come from the very well written online diary of high cl [21 Apr 2005|11:46pm]
[ mood | unfinished ]


But whoa. There's moreCollapse )

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they caught the last train for the coast [27 Mar 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | good! ]

this was short, to begin. And I thought I'd get away with uncut. But then I remembered that I'm me, and started rambling. And so, predictably:

for your convenienceCollapse )

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solipsism ahoy! [26 Mar 2005|02:18am]
[ mood | chirpy ]

Right. Time for a rant.

We are unable to proceed with your request. Please select an option from the left hand menu to continue. (456)Collapse )

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awesome week [22 Mar 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | going on and on... and on some more. onward! ]

hey! sorry I haven't updated for so long - have hardly been online in the past few weeks, and even when I'm on I'm too busy worrying about how I should update more often to actually update. But anyway, I'll give it a try.

MondayCollapse )

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Words and Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. [05 Mar 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | good ]

¹) If we were having some sort of survey for a phrase or word that should be reintroduced into popular culture, "tickety-boo" would have to come somewhere near the top, right?

... and then... he wrote some more stuffCollapse )

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